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Experienced Mediator in Palm Springs, California

Gavel on Law Book — Divorce Attorneys in Palm Springs, CA
Mediation is a process where the parties in a divorce or other dispute can talk about their concerns with a neutral party, with an eye toward working out an agreement.

This is not arbitration, in that the mediator does not make decisions for the parties. Mediation is almost always quicker, less acrimonious, and less expensive than going through the court process.

It has been said that a successful divorce is one where the persons can dance at their children's wedding. If this is the sort of divorce you want, then mediation may be right for you.

How I Can Help
I mediate for both self-represented parties as well as those who have hired lawyers. I will make myself available after regular business hours and on Sundays to make time for your busy schedule. I have completed 30 hours of formal mediation training and have successfully mediated cases involving a range of issues.

Mr. Gershenson is a member of the Riverside County Bar Association Dispute Resolution Service panel of mediators. For more information about his mediation philosophy, please click on the link below:
Contact me in Palm Springs, California, to schedule an appointment to discuss any family law questions you may have.